Social media is where people are. If your business isn’t present, you are missing out on customers who
are ready to connect with you. Besides, it’s easy to target very specific groups, especially on Facebook.
You can easily create campaigns which don’t have to be expensive at all – you’re fine with just a few
dollars! But where to begin?

Who do you want to speak to?

It’s important to know who your customers are. Do you offer clothes designed for young people? Or
perhaps travel services for families? Do you sell car parts to businesses?

Knowing your target group is crucial because it determines the way you will speak and also where you
will post. Put together your company’s tone of voice. Will you stick to the point and present yourself in a
very formal way? Or will your potential customers enjoy funny content with friendly texts? Are emojis

If you can’t decide, personas might help you. Try to create one or two imaginary customers. Write down
their names, age, habits, hobbies, income, etc. What kind of posts will they appreciate?

Which platforms will you use?

There are many social media channels and each of them has different characteristics. Do your
homework properly and decide which of them are suitable for promoting your business. You can use
more than one, of course!

While Facebook offers great targeting options and is usually used for sharing short texts with links or
visuals, Instagram is a strictly graphic platform. Do you have lots of ideas for short videos of your
company life? Try Instastories! Do you want to stay professional and focus on HR marketing, or on
building relationships with individuals? Then LinkedIn is something for you. Does it make sense for your
company to reflect on current topics and share a short piece of news every now and then? Twitter is
ready to help. And don’t forget to use hashtags!


Once you have decided who and where to speak to, make a plan. Don’t forget – a goal without a plan is
just a wish!

Create a social media calendar. Think about it a month ahead, or at least a week. What topics do you
want to tackle? What will the posts look like? How many written articles, videos, photos or infographics
are you able to put together? What will be the message in them?

Everything you do should be moving you closer towards a goal. Make your goals SMART – that is
specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Such as – By the end of September, the traffic
coming to my website from Facebook will have risen by 20 %.

Let’s go!

We’re all set, now it’s time to start creating.

Are you lacking ideas? You might as well check your competitors approach. Don’t copy them, but use
their example for establishing what you want and what you don’t want to do. What kind of content
brought them engagement?

When creating, think of your audience again. Are your customers high school kids who scroll through
their social media every five minutes? Don’t provide them with long and boring articles, show them a
video instead! If it’s funny, they might as well share it with their peers! Are you trying to promote a
consulting service, but have no idea what photos to use? How about some pictures of your team

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that content is king! Go for quality instead of quantity.

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