PHOENIX, AZ: Covered head to toe in sticky ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and topped with a cherry isn’t my usual Saturday morning (shocking, I know). However, it was the best Saturday morning I’ve had in a long time.

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Pictured (from Left-to-Right): Dallas Cawley, Sonya Rose, Corey Tyner, Adam Winters

The Offer Climb team recently took a break from helping homeowners market their properties in Houston, TX to wild out as volunteers during Messy Fest 2016.

Messy Fest, benefiting Camp Rainbow, caters to kids and as small as 3 years old and as old as man-child volunteers named Adam (see photo evidence). The events supported a myriad of games and activities all MESSY! I’m talking mud pits, food fights, and of course the Offer Climb managed I-Scream event where participants navigated an obstacle course with an ice cream sundae on their heads.

tywin homes“Serving others is our purpose.” said Corey Tyner, Phoenix native and Founder of Offer Climb. “As real estate professionals we spend so much of our time working for our clients, it’s easy to forget to have fun. Serving others is what gets us up in the morning and it’s what keeps us coming back day-in-and-day-out. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to have so much fun and serve such a great cause in my hometown.”

Camp Rainbow offers a fun environment for children who have, or have had cancer or a chronic blood disorder to enjoy meaningful experiences and bond with new friends. Messy Fest hosted more than 2,000 individuals and families and brought in thousands of dollars in donations for the camp.

Messy Fest was held at the beautiful Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ. The Farms covers more than 200 acres and is enjoyed by a whopping quarter of a million people per year! As one of the largest agri-tourist farms in the country, the farms host weddings and seasonal events throughout the year.